An unusual trip into a very hidden side of Brussels

Le réseau d’égouts sous Bruxelles-Ville

The sewer network under the City of Brussels is nearly 350 km long! Thousands of m3 of waste water flow through these 350 km of underground drains and tunnels every day.

The Sewer Museum invites you on an unusual trip into a very hidden side of Brussels but which is absolutely vital for the running of the city.

And unlike other museums, this one is active, with the River Senne playing the leading role. A museum that tells the story of when, why and how the sewers were built, describes the jobs that people do in this underground world and explains the city's water cycle. 

La Senne ©E.Danhier The main sewer on the Chaussée de Mons ©E.Danhier The main sewer on the Chaussée de Mons 2©E.Danhier Room dedicated to sewage workers Room dedicated to sewage workers Room dedicated to sewage workers
In the event of heavy rain, for safety reasons, the Museum staff reserve the right to refuse access to the covered river and sewer.

Feel free to check out the museum website on the day of your visit to check whether the museum is fully accessible or not.    

Practical Tips


Sewer Museum
Pavillons d’Octroi - Porte d’Anderlecht 
1000 Brussels
T. +32 (0)2 279 43 83


Trams 51 and 82
Bus 46
(Porte d’Anderlecht)

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Closed on Sundays and Mondays, 1 January, 1 May, 1 November, 11 November and 25 December

How to dress for a museum visit?

In dry weather, visitors can walk along one of the subterranean tunnels of the Senne and  the Chaussée de Mons drain, which is still in use.

These sections are regularly cleaned and no special clothing is required.


Guided Tours

Our team of guides comprises former sewer workers and seasoned historians. The choice is yours! € 75 / € 90 (week-end) + admission per person (max. 20 visitors/group). 

The Museum lends itself particularly to school groups, both primary and secondary pupils.€ 50 all inclusive. 


< aged 18 & citizen of the City of Brussels 0€
Students, job seeker 4€
Seniors & groups 6€
Adults 8€

Information and reservations

+ 32 (0)2 279 43 67

Hire the Sewer Museum!

Hire the Sewer Museum!
Terms on request 
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Exhibition: Rebellious moods

Exhibition: Rebellious moods

The Museum is issuing a call for contributions to collect the photo's inscriptions, drawings or scribbles from the public toilets. The photo's received will be the subject of an exhibition at the museum: the loos are one of the rare public places which avoid widespread surveillance. It is, therefore, possible to express oneself anonymously; without censorship or risk.

To know more

Here you can find more information on the museum and the educational materials:

A little history

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Kids (9-12 years)

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Contact us

+32 (0)2 279 43 83


Isabelle Douillet-de Pange
Curator of the Museums of the City of Brussel

Person responsible for the Sewer Museum :


Educational Department (reservations) :
+ 32 2 279 43 67

Communications :
+ 32 2 279 64 64